This is in my opinion the most powerful and intense introductory self-harm metaphor. Harsh Punishment by RosyPalms Fandoms: I think it is about someone whose past has been very painfull. From The Inside has nothing to do with Self Harm but thats just my opinion. B Side by salvainterra Fandoms: Reno activates a bomb for the Pillar and then engages Barret. This song is like every single other Linkin Park song, about betrayals and lies and tragedy.

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Каждый час,каждый миг я тобой дышала Beckoning challengers from all over tifa-feom world to try their hand at their league challenge in Midgar. Pushing Daisies by EffortlesslyUncool Fandoms: Login Register Login with Facebook. Можете добавить свой перевод. Aeris has an idea or two, though, all of which include a certain lady keeping her company. People have many things pent up inside of themselves.

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A collection of short standalone ficlets originally posted on tumblr in response to asks. I think it is about someone whose past has been very painfull. Tifa tries to pull Cloud up but insidee falls to the lower slums beneath Midgar. Harsh Punishment by RosyPalms Fandoms: The repetition of «you» emphasizes his anger at him, and also suggests he is self-harming over her, and she is the cause of his problems.


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Hojo is fascinated by Aerith as the last of a civilization known as Cetra, often called Ancients. Linkin Park Song Meanings. Tifa and Cloud need to go up to help Barret but Tifa asks Aerith to go to her bar and ihside Marlene to safety in case anything happens, Aerith agrees and Cloud and Tifa go up to save Barret. The brief period after the scream of «you» is effectively the feeling of releif after self harm, which does not last very long, and then the song continues with what is pretty much a summary of what has happened before, but less powerful, as the effects of self-harm start to wear off.

Ты рождена быть стервой.

Я чувствую, что все так далеко от меня Счастливые мысли пробиваются из меня наружу. A family of seven gather to die, one falls at the feet tifa-ffrom heaven tifa-fro, other runs for his life The repetition of the riff represents the repetition of self-harm, and the beginning of an addictive loop as he repeats the self-harm again, but it has a negative effect. Tifa has motherly qualities, acting as a support for others, and keeping the others around her optimistic.

All I ever think about is this — «this» could refer to the emotion he is feeling writing the song. They head north to the small town of Kalm to regroup.


Tifa Lockhart

Где вы слышали эту песню? Двери свои мне открой! She expected to find ruins upon returning home. Please consider turning it on! Я не буду тратить себя на.

While deceptively strong, Tifa is empathic and insids shy. Cloud survives the fall thanks to a church roof, a bed of flowers and the nun, Aerith Gainsboroughwho tends to his wounds and helps him make his way out of the slums. Chester has been through a lot in his life.

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Therefor I would not limit the meaning to self harming. Введите цифры с картинки. I agree alot with tifa-frpm top rated interpretation but i would not limit the whole meaning on self harming.

The song is about someone you trusted has betrayed you. Along the way Cloud and Tifa find Jessie, Biggs and Wedge all laying dying on the stairs up, urging them go quickly and help Barret before he meets the same fate as them.

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